Super Bowl Sloppines

I would have went to Hana

I was at a bar here on Maui watching the Super Bowl, when a sloppy drunk guy (playing pool behind me)  hit me with his pool stick. I moved out of his way. I let it slide.

Then immediately he hits me with it again. I grabbed it, pulled it, and spun him around.  I got right in his face and I said “You do NOT want to do that again. Next time you better pay attention and say excuse me so I can move.”

He almost shit his pants,  apologizing over and over. The room seemed  to stand silent for a moment. I think I scared the girls that I was standing with because they walked away.

Last years Super Bowl was a similar story. I had a really bad bruise on my shoulder and this drunk guy standing next to me was hitting my shoulder every time the Broncos did something good.

I told him repeatedly that I had a bruise and to please not touch my arm again. He was so drunk that he just kept doing it ….. and then I Snapped.

I told him… “Touch my arm one more time …. See what happens.” This guy! The drunk asshole started laughing as he reached over and was about to touch my arm again. I stopped him by saying “Do it, and I’m gonna whoop your ass” He stopped with  wide eyes and confused look on his face and pulled his hand back. His friend standing right next to him said “Dude, I think she might possibly be able to kick your ass, you better leave her alone.” I interrupted by saying “Yes, I can!”

Sloppy Joe went and stood in a different spot😳  I think I’m a super easygoing  girl. Apparently my other personality is beast mode. 😝