Update on Fetish Guy

Yes, we still talk and snap… Why not.? He lives on the mainland. Yes, he still lives with his mom and dad.  (He’s trying to save money guys! He won’t waste any money on rent.)

He’s super hot and I don’t mind getting his post workout pics.

He would be so much hotter though, if he didn’t send words with the pictures😂

Asking me questions like…”What would you do to me if I was in your bedroom right now”? & “Are you shaved”?😂😬  I ignore those questions…. If I’m gonna make up some erotic bedtime story for an “almost virgin” who’s 14 years younger than me, I better be getting paid for it ….shhhhit 🤑


Author: thegirlwithoutapurse

I love my life..... It's crazy, full of laughter, love and joy. I am truly blessed.... We are all Blessed, you just have to choose to see it💛.... We are all connected. We are all ONE!!!

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